Other Activities

Geoffrey Payne is active in many research and consultancy networks. He was a co-founder of the Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South (N-AERUS), and is a member of the Core Group and a Director with responsibility for links with international agencies and consultants. He is a member of the streeing group for the Tsunami Recovery Network, and was the co-founder of the Land Titling Network.

In 1984, he organised an Inter-Schools conference on development at Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University) which has since become a major annual event hosted by different colleges each year. He has been an external examiner to several British universities and examined PhD candidates in the UK and other countries.

Geoff has contributed papers to numerous international conferences in countries including Benin, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania and the USA. He is on the editorial board of two major academic journals – Habitat International and Open House International.

Selected Activities

2003 -2005:

  • Framework Arrangement with DFID

Founder member of the ‘Framework Arrangement for Architectural, Physical Planning and Urban Development Advice’ for the Infrastructure and Urban Development Department (IUDD), DFID, coordinated by the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London.


  • World Bank Urban Research Symposium

Invited to present a paper ‘Getting ahead of the game: A twin-track approach to urban development’ to be presented in Washington DC in December.

  • Technical University, Munich

Guest lecturer on housing and land tenure issues.


  • UN-Habitat, Nairobi

Presented a paper and acted as facilitator for a session at the Global Urban Forum as part of the official UK delegation. Launched book on innovative approaches to land tenure and property rights (details below).

  • Lund, Sweden

Guest lecturer at international course on housing and urban development at the Housing Development and Management Centre, Lund University.

  • World Bank, Washington DC

Invited by Cities Alliance to present a paper at a special seminar on land tenure and property rights chaired by the Managing Director of the World Bank and the Executive Director of UN-Habitat. Launched book at the Seminar.

  • World Bank seminar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Respondent to paper at the World Bank Asia regional Seminar on Land Policy.

  • Manila, Philippines

Invited by UN-Habitat to participate in the launch of the national Campaign for Secure Tenure.


  • Lebanon

Presenting keynote paper at international conference on the regeneration of South Lebanon

  • Kenya

Presented paper and participated in plenary Panel Presentation as a member of UK delegation at UN Commission on Human Settlements

  • UK

Participant in the Consultation on ‘Information and Communication technologies for a sustainable future’ organised by the Building and Social Housing Foundation at St George’s House, Windsor Castle.


  • World Bank Urban Forum

Presented paper on urban land tenure policy issues and options

  • Kenya

Presented paper on tenure at UN Istanbul+5 PrepCom conference

  • Belgium

Member of the Commission evaluating research and training courses at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


  • Benin

Presented paper on ‘Housing in Africa During the Next Millennium’ at the annual symposium of Shelter Afrique, in Cotonou, Benin. UK Presented keynote paper at the 1999 Inter-Schools conference on development at Westminster University.

  • South Africa

Presented paper on land tenure issues and policy options at conference organised by the International Research Group on Law and Urban Space (IRGLUS).

1998 – 1999:

  • Belgium – Urban Poverty Study

Prepared Urban Poverty Review and policy options for study commissioned by the Belgian Ministry of International Co-operation.


Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South (N-AERUS)

Elected a member of the Core Group with joint responsibility for links with international agencies. Cuba, Germany and USA Presented papers on housing, land and public-private partnerships at conferences in Havana, Berlin and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Studies, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

1996 – 1997:

  • European Commission

Urban sector evaluation study, with Marie-Therese Manchotte. UK Participated in an international consultation on Housing, Self-Help and Co-operation at St George’s House, Windsor Castle, organised by the Building and Social Housing Foundation.

  • Turkey

Presented paper on Housing for Low-Income Groups at the NGO Forum, Habitat II conference in Istanbul.


  • Lebanon

Invited by the Arab University of Beirut to present a paper at the First Conference on Low-Income Housing in Lebanon.


  • UK

Appointed External Associate Adviser to the British Council on architecture, housing studies, built environment studies, urban design and land policy and management (ongoing). Member of the editorial boards of Habitat International, Open House International and Our Common Estate journals.


  • United Nations Centre for Human Settlements

Commissioned to prepare overview report on metropolitan decentralisation in developing countries.