25th Year Party of GPA!

Geoff was happy to celebrate the 25th anniversary of establishing GPA on 01 October by inviting many friends and colleagues to a zoom ‘party with a purpose’ that was organised and brilliantly moderated by GPA Associate Cemre Sahinkaya. 

The participants celebrated 25th Year of GPA in the Zoom meeting!

Over thirty people joined covering fifteen times zones thanks to Zoom and we exchanged ideas on the nature of development at a critical time for humanity, with the climate crisis and high levels of inequality both thrown into focus by the covid pandemic. 

Colleagues and friends shared their ideas and experiences during the meeting.

Geoff circulated a reading list of publications on development that he finds particularly useful and this can be accessed by clicking here. During the meeting GPA Associate Hamish Stewart proposed a covid development book club and has kindly offered to host this. To register an interest, click here. We look forward to your participation!

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