GPA’s new intern!

Geoff is happy to welcome Shantanu Raut as an intern to GPA and looks forward to collaborating with him over the coming months. Due to covid travel restrictions, the internship will sadly have to be conducted online, but we hope it will prove constructive and beneficial.

Shantanu Raut, GPA’s new intern!

Shantanu is an Urban Development student and a trained Architect from India whose interest lies in sustainable urban development and capacity building for a sustainable future. He is currently finishing his MSc. in International Cooperation in Urban Development at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. He believes in the multistakeholder, people-centric, gender-sensitive approach to achieve sustainable development. He has two years of experience in urban design, planning, and research projects in India. He wants to enhance his knowledge concerning Urban Land management, land tenure, and property rights. He is keen to understand the linkage between land tenure and property rights to improve access to secure and affordable housing for low-income groups and understand the formation of economic and financial policies framework for secure land and housing rights.

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