Land Tenure Typology and Regulatory Audit – New resources available

The Millennium Development Goal 7 seeks to improve the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by the year 2020. However, current estimates suggest that there are presently 934 million people living in slums and this is projected to increase to 1.5 billion during the same period. It is therefore essential to both improve the security and rights of people who are currently in the various types of unauthorised settlements, as well as reduce the need for new unauthorised settlements in the future by increasing the supply of planned, legal and affordable land for low-income groups.

Is land tenure and property rights a problem in your city?

Are you interested in how to make access to legal housing easier for the poor?

Would you like to get a clearer picture of the range of housing rights and tenure categories in your local area?

Click here to learn about how to undertake a land tenure review and regulatory audit, and how these can help us meet demand for affordable and secure housing in the present and future.

Why not try to do your own regulatory audit or land tenure typology for your local area? We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

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