Learning note on land markets and regulation

Funding bodies:  World Bank Institute

Duration: May 2009-January 2010

Objectives: To prepare a Learning Note on land markets and regulation intended to provide an informed basis for analysis and action by policy-makers, administrators and other professionals responsible for managing urban land and property markets in rapidly urbanising countries.

The study drew on personal experience of research and consultancy assignments and a review of literature on land markets and their regulation, particularly in rapidly urbanising countries. It provides an outline of key issues and a range of policy instruments based on practical experience which can promote investment and allocate the benefits to all sections of the present and projected urban populations, especially vulnerable groups such as women, the poor and minorities.

The learning note was part of the ‘Inclusive Cities’ series circulated to policy makers and administrators in countries where the Bank is operating. To download a copy of the Note, please click here.

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