Ulaanbaatar Land Administration and Land Markets Study

Funding bodies: The World Bank

Duration: January 2013 – June 2014

Objectives: Review of current affordable housing policies in Ulaanbaatar


GPA was commissioned by the World Bank in April, 2013 to contribute to a review of current affordable housing policies and draw lessons to contribute to an on-going effort of the city to improve the living condition for residents in ger areas, where the majority of low-income households live in Ulaanbaatar. At present, there is a critical lack of data in housing that makes it almost impossible for city leaders to make evidence-based decisions. The task will first look at the city’s housing supply and demand through a segmented market analysis. Through the analysis, it intends to provide policy recommendations and possible approaches for the city to effectively improve housing conditions and meeting housing demands for its citizens, particularly for those in the ger areas. It is expected that the task will provide critical guidance to city leaders as they make decisions intended to expand affordable housing for ger area residents and improve the city’s overall planning for more sustainable urban development. This task will support the city in establishing a framework for data collection and analysis to enable it to make more informed decisions.

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