USAID Seminar on urban land tenure and property rights

In 2013, Geoff was commissioned by Cloudburst Consulting Group to prepare a Brief on Urban Land Tenure and Property Rights for USAID staff working in country offices on infrastructure and urban development projects. The Brief was launched during the World Bank Land Policy Conference in Washington DC in March 2014. To download a copy of the brief, click here.

Geoff was invited to stay on in Washington to contribute to a seminar on land tenure at USAID head office. Prior to the seminar, Geoff had informal meetings with members of the Land Tenure Division at USAID head office to discuss issues and ongoing work. In the afternoon, he made a presentation on ‘Urban land tenure and property rights – issues and options’ as part of a panel including Liz Blake of Habitat for Humanity and Remy Sietchiping of UN-Habitat. To download Geoff’s presentation, click here.

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