Indonesia, 1st mission 2014: Strengthening the land market for affordable housing

Geoff was commissioned by the World Bank in October 2014 to contribute to a program to strengthen the government’s approach to land policy to improve the availability of, and access to, urban land for low-income housing. The mission provided inputs into Indonesia’s Housing Policy Roadmap with recommended policy interventions in the short, medium and long-term to improve supply of urban land for housing, and improved knowledge and capacity of the Indonesian government to execute the recommended measures.

Whilst the country has achieved increases in economic growth and poverty reduction during the last decade, large sections of the urban population remain below, or just above, the poverty line. Urban poverty is widespread and government action has so far been unable to effectively reform regressive land and housing regulations and policies, leading to market failures. However, a new administration was inaugurated in October 2014 which offers the prospect of substantial progress in improving access to land for housing by the urban poor.

During the assignment, Geoff was invited to make a presentation on land tenure and property rights at the University of Djuanda, in Bogor city.

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