UK DFID report – August 2015

In early 2015, Geoff was commissioned by DAI Consultants to produce a report for the UK DFID on ‘Legitimate land tenure and property rights: Fostering compliance and development outcomes’. The report went through several iterations involving several colleagues in DAI and was finally published by DFID in August 2015. The report is intended to inform and advise policy makers in particular and Geoff would welcome comments from these, or others in terms of the degree to which this objective has been realised. 

The full paper can be downloaded by clicking on this link:  

This report should be cited as:
Payne, G., Mitchell, J., Kozumbo, L., English, C. and Baldwin, R. (2015)
Legitimate land tenure and property rights: fostering compliance and development outcomes.
London: DAI.
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