New land tenure and property rights matrices from the TU Darmstadt students

GPA is proud to announce twenty new contributions to the online library of land tenure and property rights matrices! Students from many different countries undertaking the Mundos Urbanos master degree course at the Technical University of Darmstadt have submitted a land tenure and property rights matrix for their own city indicating the full range of statutory, religious, customary and non-formal land tenure categories known to exist in their respective urban areas, together with their associated property rights. This expands the library considerably and covers many cities around the world. Please click here to see the students’ land matrices.

Readers are also invited to download the format and submit one for other cities by following the simple steps provided from the link  here to fill our Land Tenure and Property Matrix. If you would like to see the guideline for preparing the matrix, please click here and send your answers to and follow the results on the website!

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