The Living City: Towards a Sustainable Future
Routledge 1990

livingcityThe options and probabilities for the future of cities are issues of outstanding contemporary importance, both in the developed and developing worlds. The living city draws together both current main steams ideas on their futures and various alternative views to enliven the debate and put forward an agenda for sustainable urban development, emphasizing ideas that questions the economic imperatives of that development. Certain aspects of city life – the economy of the city, city-countryside relationships, the city as a cultural centre – are selected for study, as the book looks at the historical past and the current experiences to speculate on the likely condition of cities in the future. In addition, the book investigates whether the Third World experience of city life is a separate experience or whether there are lessons to be learnt relating to all cities. The book will appeal to professionals in the surveying, planning and architectural fields, as well as students and academics in Planning, Geography, Economics, Architecture, Developments Studies and Sociology, and anyone interested in current issues concerning the city and the environment.

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